What is special about these tiles?

COOL ROOF TILES are special ceramic tiles. They reflect sunlight that generates heat and reduce the energy cost used for air conditioning during summers. The tiles can keep the lower floors cooler by 8°C and surface by up to 20°C. These are excellent for terraces, roofs and balconies exposed to direct sunlight.

Can we use these tiles on walkways?

Yes. These tiles reflect sunlight that heats up surfaces and thus can be used on walkways and pathways where one has to walk barefoot, i.e. places of worship, ashrams etc.

What is the life of these tiles?

The tiles are as good as any other ceramic tiles except that these are more special so the lifespan is like any other ceramic tile.

Why do these tiles come only in white colour?

Because all other colours are not as heat reflective as white.

What are the sizes available?

A. 300 x 300mm and 600 x 600mm.

What is SRI?

Solar Reflective Index. Our tiles have a SRI of 102-104, highest in the country. Higher the SRI, less warm your exposed surface will get.

What is Emittance?

It is a measure of how much trapped heat is emitted from the building through the tiles. Higher the Emittance, more trapped heat will escape the building, making the lower floors cooler. Both SRI and Emittance.