FLEXSTO – Flexible Stone Veneer

FLEXSTO – Flexible Stone Veneer

What is FLEXSTO made of?

The top layer is natural slate or quartzite stones. The backing could be Fiberglass-PVC composite or Fabric.

How is FLEXSTO made?

The thick large slab of slates or quartzite is placed flat on the ground; a special adhesive is applied/poured on the surface, then layers of cloth and fiberglass-PVC or fabric (backing), as the case may be are pasted on top; because the adhesive is special, it seeps into the stone surface at a desired micron level only; after a few hours these layers are ripped off manually or by machines; the thin layer of slate or quartzite comes off pasted on the backing; some surfacing is done to get rid of the unwanted unpasted stone particles and the sheets are then cut into desired sizes.

In what thicknesses is FLEXSTO available?

0.5mm to 2.50mm.

What are the sizes available?

12″ x 24″ (2’x1′) and 48″ x 96″ (8′ x 4′)

What are the dos and don’ts that one should follow for FLEXSTO use and maintenance?

Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Flatten the sheet properly if it comes in a rolled form before installation.
  • To make it more water proof or stain resistant, use a high quality sealer.
  • For neat joints, use a good quality sharp cutting blade.
  • FLEXSTO can be installed easily by carpenters.
  • Remember to dry the substrate properly before applying the adhesive to paste FLEXSTO.
  • Rub the surface of the pasted FLEXSTO to get rid of the loose parts on the surface. Don’t worry if some bits fall off.

Is FLEXSTO fire proof?

It is fire resistant.

Where can we use FLEXSTO?

Fiberglass-PVC backed FLEXSTO can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors except floors. Fabric backed FLEXSTO can be used only indoors, anywhere except floor. Furniture manufacturers and interior designers love the material for its natural rustic look and flexibility.

What adhesives should one use for installation?

Depending on the substrate, our recommendations are as under, for more details call us:

a) Adhesives for Wood Base

  1. AGL Power Grace PG-1000
  2. Mapei Keralstick T
  3. Kerakoll Supraflex
  4. Fevicol Probond
  5. Silicone
  6. or any other PU Based Adhesive

b) Adhesives for Cement Base:

  1. AGL Power Grace PG-1000
  2. Mepai Keralstick T
  3. Kerakoll Supraflex

c) Adhesive for *Mirror/Acrylic Base (Backlit):

  1. Clear Silicone

What should one do to protect the surface of the veneer?

We recommend the following sealants, for more details call us:

  1. Ascolite Sealer
  2. MMC Sealer
  3. Endura Max Sealer
  4. MYK Laticrete Sealer – MAXISEAL
  5. Exterior PU
  6. Interior PU